Subcontractor Freelance Services

You are about to make a video but do not have enough of a crew to help with production needs, or do you need extra help with an event that requires assistance with video production or projection work? The Subcontractor Freelance Services assists other video/media producers with various needs such as directing, camera work, photography, projection work, and video editing to name a few. At BKWeb Productions, we lend a hand to help various colleagues in the industry. Training for the job is required due to working with equipment that is not owned or serviced by BKWeb Production. Current opportunities for assistance includes:

This service is for if you need an extra video production assistant to help on set with certain jobs such as floor manager and cameraman. Prior to filming, a meeting must be held for the assistant to be trained on the equipment that will be used. If a script is involved, you must provide a script prior to the shoot for the individual to understand what is being produced. During production, the assistant will work with equipment and talent. Everything is by the hour, which includes travel time.

Video production services: camerman, director, production assistant, audio recording, photographer, floor manager.

Everything has been shot, but you need someone to help put the project together. This service will help with editing any video, photo, or audio project. A script must be delivered prior to the editing process for the editor to have knowledge of what the story is about for the production. Editing time is by the hour depending on the length of the project.

Post production services: video editing, photo editing, audio editing.

You have a story to tell? Are you unsure what story you want to tell? Need to make sure your team is ready to use your equipment? BKWeb Productions can help with getting a project started and assist with training diverse equipment options. This part of the service requires meetings and training for both parties.

Pre production services: scriptwriting, project consultation, equipment training.

Are you in need of an assistant to help project a film or presentation? This service will work with entertainment venues and conference centers to help with visual presentations such as screenings and training programs. Training will be required prior to the screening event due to the different equipment each organization possesses.

Venue assistant services: event projectionist, movie projectionist, job training projectionist.