Photography Production Services

Do you need videos for marketing and advertising? Are you looking to raise money for a non-profit? Or are you looking for video content to help train staff? The Business Video Production Services offers diverse video options that fit your organization’s needs. This service will bring value to industries such as restaurants, boutiques, schools, healthcare, real estate, and various small businesses.  Below are some options to choose from for the types of videos we offer:

Photographs that are specifically for the individual or family. For the individual, it can be used for self-promotion or to share with friends and family. The family portrait will be used to feature the whole family to send to your loved ones. There are options for less formal photographs dealing with life’s circumstances or special events. Professional portraits for business can also be done.

Portrait photography services: portrait, headshot, family photography, candid photography, environmental portrait, black and white photography.

If you need real estate or street photography, this service option offers diverse angles of locations to be featured in a multimedia presentation. Buildings and suburban settings are included. All photo shoots are shot on location and require an outline of what is needed to present the property in a professional and artistic manner. Special shots such as drones, panoramic, and 360 Photography require early planning and development.

Location photography services: drone, 360 photography, real esate, aerial, architectural, street, panoramic.

Live events produce great moments in a photograph. Some of this is done live, while others may be during rehearsal. The purpose of this is to capture the event as it is happening. Copyrighted programs can benefit from this by having their programs photographed rather than videotaped.

Photography services for events: concert, sports, firework, business, fashion, theatrical, social media.

Do you love the great outdoors? This service will provide unique shots of the beautiful world we live in. From the skies all the way to the valleys below; these photographs will bring the world into your home, office, and or computer.

Nature photography services: landscape, cloudscape, night.

Storytelling isn’t just for video or filmmaking. A simple photograph can tell you everything. Photos will be used to tell a specific kind of story for artistic expression. Some of this can be used for multimedia presentations. Scripts about the production are required prior to taking the photographs. The photos can showcase a fictional or real-life story done as a documentary.

Storytelling photograpy options: documentary, narrative, photo-essay.

Businesses need photos to showcase their organization and or product. Photographs are taken to be featured on specific websites and social media platforms. This will be a bonus to your marketing and advertising campaigns. Industries such as real estate and fashion photography are included to showcase the organization being represented for the product/service.

Business photography options: food, fashion, real estate, product, social media.