Personal Video Production Services

Are you looking to showcase your talents online? Want your memories presented in a wonderful documentary-style presentation? Or do you need someone to film your words for an online vlog?

The Personal Video Production Services offers less formal video production options for the individual to showcase their ideas/talents through a creative video presentation.

This service will bring value to individual artists, educators at heart, performers, and storytellers.

Types of Video Production Services:

This is for the artists and analytical personalities to express their talents/voices through the visual medium. The main purpose is to bring the art of entertainment to the local community. Many of these videos will crossover into social media applications such as YouTube. All content must originally be recorded by BKWeb Productions. No copyrighted music and or film/television soundbites will not be accepted. Adaptations of media content and covers of known songs are acceptable.

Do you want to educate the public on something you are passionate about? Need to express your knowledge? The educational videos are created for individuals who want to educate the public on something they have learned personally or have a specific talent that they want to share with the audience. You are not required to be part of an educational institution to use this service (See more information on educational content in the Business Video Production Services section)

If you run a YouTube channel or want to become a social media influencer, social media videos are key in promoting yourself. Content will be created for various social media platforms to promote the individual’s talent and or personality. This is not a corporate sponsor, but a promotion of individual talent.

Everyone has a story to tell. These videos will tell a personal story to showcase to families, friends, and the public. Whether through photographs with narration or an internet vlog series, this will document the story with diverse creative avenues for the individuals involved.