Looking to get some work experience while going for your degrees? BKWeb Productions offers college internship programs all year round for students to gain real world experiences as they prepare for future job endeavors. Internship opportunities include video production, video and graphic work, social media, administrative work, business training, creative writing to name a few. We have collaborated with top colleges and universities such as DeSales University, Northampton Community College, Virginia Tech, Liberty University etc.


As a new year begins, BKWeb Productions looks to start the year strong with networking, advertising, and collaborations with diverse clients. This internship program starts in January and ends in the month of May. The purpose for this session is to teach early business planning for the first part of the year. As we prepare for the summer and fall seasons, it is crucial that BKWeb Productions starts the year strong. Students get to play a key role getting everything to motion.


The busiest session of the year, the summer internship program establishes what was planned in the winter/spring session. Careful action is taken as more clients come in to use BKWeb’s service options. The marketing for BKWeb Productions is taken to the next level. Students work in a fast paced environment to gain awareness of the consumer business market. Starting in May and ending in August; BKWeb Productions summer session will offer a rewarding experience for students who want to gain more experience outside the school year.


School is back in session, leaves start falling, and the holiday season is around the corner; this session closes out the year with holiday promotions and preparations for the new year. Students get to experience the closing months starting in September and ending before Christmas in December. The atmosphere changes from summer promotions to holiday traditions both from a business perspective and the individual clients that seek BKWeb’s assistance. Part of closing out the year is also gathering everything for the new year’s tax season. Everything is accounted for and students get to learn how to finish the year well.

Internship Positions Available:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Sales
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Script / Creative Writing
  • Web Development

My responsibility as an Administrative Assistant was to call the companies and sell myself to get them to do a video with Brandon. I’m thankful Brandon gave me an opportunity to get the experience in business which is what I am studying presently. If there is anyone who needs an experience in business to start off, they should consider applying BKWeb and see how it goes.

— Kevin C. Nacipucha, Administrative Assistant Intern Fall 2021

How to Apply

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Intern Highlights

Michael Hagenberger: A Lehigh University graduate, Michael was the first web developer intern to be hired at BKWeb Productions. For the entire summer, Michael showed exceptional skills in updating the official BKWeb website. Websites can be time-consuming and require attention to detail. Michael was up for the challenge and succeeded by going above expectations. Through the help of two other web developer interns from two separate universities; Michael and his team sped up the web development process for BKWeb Productions. Michael has a bright future ahead, and BKWeb Productions is proud to have assisted in his career development.

Josh Catanzareti: A current Media Productions student at Northampton Community College, Josh shares some common educational pursuits with the owner of BKWeb Productions, Brandon Kelly. Brandon was in the same media program ten years ago, and now Brandon is witnessing the next generation with Josh coming in from the very program that jumpstarted Brandon’s career. Josh started out as a scriptwriting intern but has been promoted to a video editor intern. To have two separate job experiences under his belt will give Josh a career boost after he graduates from Northampton Community College. Josh has shown great enthusiasm and dedication to BKWeb Production’s internship program. To have Josh work with both scriptwriting and video editing has been very rewarding.

Maya Halvorsen: A student from the University of Pittsburgh, Maya played a role in BKWeb Productions and its subsidiary company, A.I.M.E. (Apprenticeship, Internship, Mentorship, & Entrepreneurship), social media content. With BKWeb, her primary focus was promoting the internship program for past, current, and future interns from diverse colleges. This focus was not challenging for Maya when working on the A.I.M.E. social media development because the subject matter was very similar. Working on two social media networks can be daunting, but Maya took on this challenge successfully. The amount of research that went into each post was extraordinary. Maya’s openness and creativity made each post look professional and appealing to a wider audience. Maya has a future in social media development, and her work in BKWeb Productions and A.I.M.E. is proof that she is ready to take on the world.

Olivia Swindell: Olivia has many roles. She’s a student at Liberty University, but she’s also a wife and a mother. Her role in life is full of great rewards, and this crossed over into BKWeb’s internship program. Olivia’s role was with BKWeb’s social media content. This included BKWeb’s two networks, BK Travels, and BK Unplugged. The challenge was to take three subject matters such as business (BKWeb Productions), travel tips (BK Travels), and entertainment (BK Unplugged) by having posts that are relevant to those topics. Thankfully, Olivia went above and beyond with the amount of research she put into all three networks. Each post was relevant to certain topics such as video production advertisements for BKWeb Productions, highlighting travel destinations for BK Travels, and upcoming movie and television releases for BK Unplugged. Olivia’s skills in social media marketing have been wonderful, and she has a bright future career in marketing/advertising within social media networks.

Deni Velasquez: Studying computer science, Deni joined the BKWeb Productions internship program to work on updating BKWeb’s website and creating the new non-profit A.I.M.E. website. By using WordPress, Deni has worked on his skills in web development and design to make BKWeb Productions official website look professional. After the success of BkWeb’s internship program, Deni was part of a team of students who were part of the development of the new non-profit A.I.M.E. that would assist students with career development. A recipient of the DoD Awards for STEM Education, Deni has worked very hard with his computer/web skills, and both the BKWeb and A.I.M.E. website to showcase Deni’s talent.”

Jacob Welsko: A media production student at Northampton Community College, Jacob is in the same program that the owner, Brandon Kelly, graduated from 10 years ago. Jacob had the opportunity to learn video editing and digital marketing skills at BKWeb Productions. He edited video loops for the official website and assisted with editing videos for clients. On the social media side of digital marketing, Jacob created eye-catching posts to help promote BKWeb Productions as a company and its internship program on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. With a history in journalism by being a writer in The Stinger at Emmaus High School, Jacob has a bright future ahead in media due to his diverse skill set with video production, news writing, and social media marketing.

Mason Bennett: Mason joined this past summer to work on the BKWeb Productions website as a Web Development intern. After one year of fixing and improving the website to look better, Mason came in to add final touches to make sure the site looks professional and appealing for businesses/consumers. This included adding clickable boxes, fixing pictures, and updating various sections to make them less busy with content. Mason is the second student from Northampton Community College to have this honor and the third web developer intern to be featured on BKWeb’s Internship highlight.

Anna Park: Anna joined this past spring and summer to work on BKWeb’s social media networks including BK Travels, BK Unplugged, and the business accounts. Studying media and communications at the University of Pittsburgh, Anna is the second student to come from the University of Pittsburgh to achieve this honor. During her internship, she created posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Each post dealt with topics such as travel recommendations, entertainment information, and customer testimonials for the business pages. BKWeb Productions looks forward to Anna’s future in media, marketing, and or advertising.

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