Frequently Asked Questions

Does BKWeb Productions do weddings?

No, we do not do wedding photography or videography. BKWeb Productions specifically works with businesses, individuals, and social media content.

Can podcasts be recorded at BKWeb Productions?

At this time, we do not have services dealing with podcasts. However, we do have equipment that can assist in podcast creation, and BKWeb can accommodate with podcast development. In the future, podcast and audio recording is something BKWeb Productions desires to include.

Can I get my portrait taken at BKWeb Productions?

At this time, we do not have a photography studio available. However, production pictures are taken, and like the podcasting issue, we can accommodate clients who wish to have photos taken. Photography is something BKWeb Productions wants to include as a service option soon.

Do I make short videos for apps such as TikTok and Instagram?

Yes, social media content is our specialty. Social media apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and TikTok are the apps frequently used to help promote video content. Snapchat and Pinterest accounts are currently in development for BKWeb’s growth with its social media presence.

Does BKWeb Productions make political campaign videos?

Due to the current divisive political climate in our country, BKWeb Productions has taken steps to keep focus on the consumer and business environment. Therefore, it has been decided that BKWeb Productions will not make any political endorsements, even if the cause is correct. We respect the wonderful freedoms our country has given us to express our views and encourage all to continue to be active with our election process. Because of this, any video dealing with political campaigns, and social/political movements will not be accepted.

Can BKWeb Productions film live events?

At this time, BKWeb Productions does not have the resources to do live events such as concerts, public speaking events, theatrical productions, and sports games. It is our desire to be able to have this option in the future.

Does BKWeb Productions do sports related content?

Yes. BKWeb Productions can do videos on sporting events and individual video projects of a particular sports team. While we cannot shoot a whole live game yet, we can do highlights from the game to feature in a promotional video

Is there options for real-estate video content?

Yes, BKWeb Productions is open for real-estate content. This includes 360 tours of homes.

Is BKWeb Productions a film or television studio?

No, we do not make major motion pictures or weekly television programs. However, we do feature content inspired by movies and television shows on our YouTube page called BK Unplugged.

Are you a news organization?

No, we do not feature any content in the field of journalism.

Does BKWeb Productions make videos for small businesses?

Yes, our Business Video Production and Video Editing Services assist with small business video content creation.

Do you offer employment opportunities?

Not at this time. However, we do have internship opportunities for college students with our Internship Program. Also, we do subcontractor work with other video content creators.

Are you a digital marketing agency?

Not yet, but the goal is to incorporate a digital marketing service to make sure our video content is viewed by a wider audience.

Do you design websites?

Also not yet, but the plan is to have web development included as part of BKWeb’s servicing options in the future.

Can you produce content by putting together clients’ home videos?

Yes. The Personal Video Production Services offer options for more personalized content that is less formal than the Business Video Production Services.

Do you add graphics and animation to video projects?

Yes, depending on the project. However, our goal is to expand in that department by eventually hiring animators to create quality graphics and animated segments for all video projects.

Do you do drone footage?

At this time, we do not have drone cameras available. However, we can subcontract a drone expert to assist with projects.

Does BKWeb Productions sell any merchandise?

No, however, we are developing a store to sell stock footage and photos. If that store does well, a new online store will be coming soon. Products will include t-shirts, pens, mugs, hats, and jackets to name a few. Our YouTube channels, BK Unplugged, and BK Travels, will have merchandise in the future.

Does BKWeb Productions do scriptwriting?

Yes, scripts are made for any project. The scriptwriting process is required for all productions.

Where are you located?

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania within the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.

Does BKWeb Productions do out-of-state video projects?

Yes, during the consultation process, a travel charge will be added to the consumer’s billing to cover travel expenses.

What video editing application(s) do you use?

Primarily Adobe Premiere Pro, however, the goal is to have Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve available.

Does BKWeb Productions do payment plans?

Yes, we can do payment plans if you feel you cannot pay in full. There is also the option to pay half at the beginning and the second half at the end of the project.

Does BKWeb Productions create videos for non-profits?

Yes, the Business Video Production Services and Photography Production Services have options to help non-profit organizations.

What kind of organizations does the Subcontractor Freelance Services collaborate with?

Media companies such as multimedia, photography, video production, digital marketing agencies, and movie theaters.