Business Video Production Services

Do you need videos for marketing and advertising? Are you looking to raise money for a non-profit? Or are you looking for video content to help train staff?

The Business Video Production Services offers diverse video options that fit your organization’s needs. This service will bring value to industries such as restaurants, boutiques, schools, healthcare, real estate, and various small businesses. 

Below are some options to choose from for the types of videos we offer:

Produces content specifically for the corporate entity to assist in promoting the company at large or creating educational content for the employees to understand their line of work. Some of the videos will be used for training, special presentations at conferences, and business events. With some exceptions, most of the content is not featured on public forums.

Corporate video services: training videos, human resources videos, presentation, talking heads, interview, documentary, demo reels, website videos, drone footage.

This video content is created for marketing and advertising a business and or product to the consumer world at large.  Many of these videos will last from 15 to 60 seconds. Occasionally, longer video content such as infomercials is created. The purpose of this is to promote the business and product to attract a wider audience.

Commercial Advertisement services: advertising video, sizzle reels, product video, branded content, sponsor content, infomercial, promo video, teaser, trailer, demo reel, website videos.
Real estate services: 360 virtual tour, drone footage, photography, showpiece, testimonials, interviews, website video.

Homes and other properties have specialized content to showcase the property with the proper
visualization that best represents the location. Content includes photographs of the property
and rooms, 360 tours, and video clips that showcase the property and real estate team.

Real estate service options: 360 virtual tour, drone footage, photography, showpiece, testimonials, interviews, website video.

Live events that run for 2 or more hours to present a specific type of event or broadcast. Some of the content will be featured on websites, plus social media sites such YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin. This part of the service will require advanced planning and knowledge of the specific needs of the event. DSLR cameras and audio recorders that are placed on the audio board will be used to record the event.

We provide service for the following live events: concerts, seminars, conferences, live-streaming, sports game.

This content is specifically created to promote an organization that provides a service to the community. Unlike corporate videos, the goal is to build awareness rather than to make a profit. All video content will be used for raising funds, training volunteers, and educating the public on a matter than needs attention. 

Non profit service options: fundraiser video, documentary, testimonials, case studies, training videos, presentation, talking heads, interview, documentary, website videos, drone footage, photography.

All educational institutions and or programs are qualified for this video option. The goal is to educate students and or the general audience with subjects pertaining to academia and real-world topics. From elementary schools to four-year universities, educational content will give a visual presentation of what the public is learning.

Service options for educational institutions: how-to, PSA, explainer, travel video, tutorial, training videos, presentation, talking heads, interview, documentary, website videos, seminars, conferences.

The social media applications must be run by an official business/organization. No personal influencer content will be accepted (Please see Personal Video Production Services). The goal is to promote various organizations through digital marketing. All previous categories of video can crossover to social media videos. (Also check Digital Marketing Services to learn about the analytics of digital marketing)

Social media service options: Facebook video, Instagram video, Twitter video, Linkedin video, Youtube video, TikTok video, Snapchat video.