Born in East Stroudsburg, Brandon grew up in eastern Pennsylvania with the love for going places and having a vivid imagination. In his early years, Brandon used to record sound effects to make his own skits on a tape recorder. This was the beginning of Brandon discovering his talent for editing. By the time he reached adulthood, the love for film, television, theater, and media inspired him to go into the video production field. In 2013, Brandon received his associates degree at Northampton Community College in Media Production and completed his bachelor’s degree at Liberty University in interdisciplinary studies with the concentration on business.

In April of 2017, BKWeb Productions was born as Brandon wanted to have creative control of his video content. For the past five years, Brandon has transformed his company from a simple YouTube channel to a video production service. Outside of business, Brandon loves diverse activities such as swimming, going on roller coasters, watching movies, hiking, playing soccer, and acting out skits. Some future hobbies Brandon wants to explore are painting, writing fictional novels, playing instruments such as the violin and piano, and finally learning how to hit a baseball correctly. He also cares for everyone in the community and always tries to be a good friend with everyone. “Life is short, and you want to enjoy every moment of it. That includes being there for those who you encounter.”


To provide companies and individuals with a diverse offering of video content creation and advertising in order to create original and customized productions.


 By providing a unique product to businesses and consumers alike and putting an emphasis on customer-to-business relations, we make creating professional visual productions easier than it has ever been.


For visual productions to be inspiring, creative, and of high and consistent quality while also making creating a professional video production an easy and efficient process.

Core Values



Thought – Provoking







  • 2017-2019

    BKWeb Productions started in April of 2017 as a YouTube channel. The first couple of years was more about the experimentation of various video projects. Such projects include Disney Princess Housewives Edition, The Brandon Kelly Christmas Special, BKWeb Talk series, and Allentown State Hospital ~ Through the Glass. Through multiple connections with friends, family, and colleagues; BKWeb Productions had developed a diverse resume of productions.

  • 2020

    In October of 2019, BKWeb Productions incorporated as a limited liability company. The plan was to gain business connections for the year 2020. Despite the global pandemic, Brandon Kelly attended Zoom conferences and partnered with a couple of organizations to gain the proficiency needed for BKWeb Production’s growth. Organizations such as One Million Cups, Small Business Development Center, Nurture Culture, SoBeCoWorks, Coffee Talk, Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation, and Juxtahub gave BKWeb Productions that extra boost in exposure with other entrepreneurs.

  • 2021

    For the year 2021, in-person business events returned. Therefore, events such as Friends with Pete, LeTip, and ActionCoach have been welcomed to the list of BKWeb connections. Founder, Brandon Kelly, officially made BKWeb Productions a part of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. To make sure BKWeb Productions was as professional as possible, an official website, email domain, and a re-organization of BKWeb content was done to create an image of a professional video production company rather than a small YouTube company. All entertainment and travel content were dispersed into new subsidiary social media networks such as BK Unplugged and BK Travels.

  • 2022

    In 2022, BKWeb Productions is looking to expand beyond just being a video production company in the Lehigh Valley. In 2022, Brandon Kelly has connected with business associates and content creators in other areas of the United States. To meet the demands of the region and beyond, BKWeb Productions is looking to get funding to expand its operations to become more efficient in product delivery. There has also been a major expansion in internship opportunities for college students, and subcontractor work with other video content creators. The success of BKWeb’s internship program led to the creation of a new company called A.I.M.E. (Apprenticeship, Internship, Mentorship, and Entrepreneurship).

  • Present

    For 2023, BKWeb Productions is looking to restructure its service options and look to fill gaps that are missing in the Lehigh Valley at large. Also, there will be a push to network in other places to find out what is needed nationally. The goal is to use this restructuring as a path to real growth within the organization and to enact a strong company policy to make sure current and future consumers have a professional experience with BKWeb Productions.